Keep Your Car Clean

Have you ever opened the door to someone’s car and wrinkled your nose in disgust at the weird odors that seem to have permeated the upholstery? We have all been in that position at one time or another. Make sure you don’t put someone else through this torture by keeping your car clean!

Car Wash

Taking your car to a car wash is a quick and convenient way to clean and shine the exterior of your vehicle. In states with salty winter roads, regular cleanings are essential to keep rust from taking over your car. Many drive through car washes have monthly passes or packages to save you money. In the summer, this is a fun chore to do yourself, or have your children do. Playing with a hose and soapy buckets of water in the sunshine is a great activity for people of all ages.

Things You Need To Clean Your Car At Home

  • Hose
  • Bucket
  • Dish soap
  • Scrub brush and large sponge
  • Chamoix cloth for drying

Cleaning The Interior

This is the real challenge. A thorough interior car cleaning, or detailing, can be quite costly. If you are careful, you really only need to do this once a year. A quick vacuum and wipe down should suffice for regular upkeep. If you are going to clean the interior of you car, you really only need a microfiber cloth to wipe surfaces, a vacuum for the floor, and window cleaner for your glass. For a more detailed cleaning endeavor, you can purchase detailing kits and car upholstery cleaners for a more effective shine. Don’t forget to hang the little scented tree on your rear view mirror to keep your car smelling fresh!

Enhance The Resale Value Of Your Used Vehicle

shutterstock_140756257When it comes to buying and selling cars, everyone has their favorite way of going about it. Some choose to visit a big name car dealership, some people enjoy private sellers, and still others would rather shop at the used car lot. Regardless of your preference, we are all looking for the biggest bang for our buck. When it come to selling, or trading in your current vehicle, it helps to have a spruced up rig to barter with. Having the help of a reliable Salt Lake City Auto Body Shop  can help you get the most for your used vehicle.

If your car has ever been in an accident, chances are the authorities and your insurance company knows about it. This leaves a paper trail that any car broker can follow. Make sure the necessary repairs have been made by quality professionals before you try to sell your car. Even if your car sports dings from unknown incidents, it is best to have a good auto body detailer straighten out any damage. This keeps you and others on the road safer, besides bumping up your resale value.

A fresh coat of paint never hurt anybody! Especially when you are trying to sell a dinged up car or truck. Even just a little touch up job done by an auto body shop can work wonders in the eyes of potential automobile buyers. Get a customized paint job if you really want to wow your auto market!

Cool Trucks

Here are some of the coolest trucks I could find:

Monster Truck

So this is a monster truck. This thing is so powerful it can climb up over normal cars and trucks, do flips and it makes an enormously loud noise!
Monster Truck

Custom Chevy

This custom truck is super fast and gorgeous!
Custom Chevy

One For The Ladies

This hot pink truck is any girl’s dream!

Pink Truck

Holiday Truck

This truck is bristling with lights for the holidays. They clearly spared no expense.
Christmas Truck

Old School Chevy

I love the black matte finish on this old classic.
1945 Chevy Pickup