The Psychology of Used Car Prices

Buy A CarUsed cars Salt Lake City cost less than new cars because they have experienced wear and tear of prior ownership and use. But there is also the sense that the used car is less valuable than a new car simply because it was owned and used by another person. This reduction in value seems to exist independent of the actual wear and tear to which the previous owner or owners may have actually subjected the car. Put another way, part of the reason a new car is valuable is because it has never been owned by a different owner.

There is a sense that used cars Utah are somehow tainted or impure in comparison to their new counterparts. All this speculation suggests the question of whether this sense that prior owners taint a vehicle’s value is merely an illusion or if this lessening of value is an actual phenomenon. Clearly this analysis of value is based to a large degree on the psychology of the average car buyer. Matters of psychology are not illusions necessarily; however, they do seem to possess innate substance that is not on the order of physical matter.

However, regardless of the innate substance possessed by psychology it cannot be denied that psychology has an actual effect upon physical matters. For it is the psychology of the car buyer that will to a large degree determine what price he or she is willing to pay for a used car. From this perspective the sense of “taintedness” that a used car possesses in the mind of the car buyer can have an actual influence on the final price settled upon between the used car dealerships in Salt Lake City and the car buyer. Essentially this dynamic is what it is and although theoretically a used car in the same condition as a new car should cost the same price, they never will.

The Psychic Impact of Used Cars

shutterstock_140756257When looking to buy a used car it is important to choose the right used car dealerships in Salt Lake City because a used car is a carrier of memories. All the energy associated with the experiences of the prior owners of the car are saturated into psychic auto body of the car. The gentle reader of this article (be it an actual person or a web bot) may not believe in such things as psychic auto bodies. If this is the case then by all means read no further. If, however, the gentle reader does in fact believe in psychic auto bodies I cordially invite you to read on to the end.

As I said, all used cars Salt Lake City are distinct carriers of memories. This means that every trip to the hospital, every first date and every other first or last experience in that car has made its energetic impact upon that car. Once that impact has been made upon the car it will mix with all the previous energetic impacts upon that car. That combined soup of energy will then travel around with that car forever. Accordingly, any person who then buys that car not only will add their energetic impact to the car but, in turn will be influenced by that energy the more time they spend sitting in the driver’s seat.

When people buy used cars Utah they tend to think of them as new cars. That is they pay no attention to the vehicle’s prior owners. From their perspective they are the only owners the car has ever known. And really, what good does it do to a new owner of a used car to dwell on the prior owners and the energetic impact they may have imprinted upon the car. The new owner can never know the specifics with any certainty. They can, however, adopt a general awareness of this energetic property the car possesses and from there adopt a healthy respect for this force that very likely is impacting the new owner every time they drive it.

Maintenance Tips to Lengthen the Life of an Automobile

Custom ChevyThe most important maintenance tips to prolong the life of any automobile are (1) change the oil every five thousand miles, (2) pay attention to the tires and (3) avoid sudden starts and stops.

As just mentioned, it is a very good idea to get the oil changed in any car at least every five thousand miles. This procedure can be performed in any auto body repair Salt Lake City shop. Regular oil changes will prevent the engine from breaking down over the long term. An engine with no oil will seize where the pistons and the chambers actually get so hot due to friction that they melt and fuse together. Once this happens the engine will have to be rebuilt which is much more expensive then the cost of changing the oil every five thousand miles.

Another important maintenance tip is to keep track of the tires. This includes watching the tire pressure gauge and when the pressure gets low to put air in the tires up to the standard inflation level. Another important tip to maintaining optimal tire performance is to have them rotated on a regular basis. Regular tire rotation will help to prevent the tires from wearing down unevenly. This is important because unevenly worn tires are more likely to leak or rupture. Any auto body Salt Lake City repair shop would be able to both inflate tires and rotate tires.

Finally, avoiding sudden starts and stops will go a long way to prolonging the life of any car. This is not just because erratic driving increases the chances of an accident and requiring a collision repair Salt Lake City. Avoiding sudden starts and stops will quite simply lessen the amount of over all wear and tear on the vehicle. Obviously, the less wear and tear a vehicle suffers, the longer on average it will last.