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Cool Trucks

Here are some of the coolest trucks I could find: Monster Truck So this is a monster truck. This thing is so powerful it can climb up over normal cars and trucks, do flips and it makes an enormously loud noise! Custom Chevy This custom truck is super fast and … Continue reading

Best Car Buying Strategy

What Is The Best Car Buying Strategy If you’re in the market for a new car, there are some things to consider before rushing into a purchase. When choosing a car that is right for you, remember to be strategic and thoughtful, so that you are not taken advantage of … Continue reading

Keep Your Car Clean

Have you ever opened the door to someone’s car and wrinkled your nose in disgust at the weird odors that seem to have permeated the upholstery? We have all been in that position at one time or another. Make sure you don’t put someone else through this torture by keeping … Continue reading

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Helpful Auto Buying Info

We try to help the consumer buy a car smartly, strategically, and with little to no buyer's remorse!

Prolong The Life Of Your Car

Keeping your car clean can prolong its life. Car washing can be done by anyone! So you really have no excuse!

Cool Auto Stuff

So we are auto nerds. We look for cool stuff for other automobile junkies to geek out on.