The Best Way To Prepare For Your Upcoming GED Test

ged practice test

Lets talk about the GED test and what exactly is it. The GED also knows as General Education Diploma, this test is for those who dont have a high school diploma. This test was designed for those who never completed high school and it makes a great alternative for a diploma. Now lets talk about how to properly prepare for this test.

Age Requirment

The age requirement to take the GED test is that you have to be atleast 16 years old. Many states required 16-18 year olds to take an adult education program with a passing grade before they are able to take the GED test.  Adults 18 and up can take the test without any other requirements. 

What Is On The Test

The GED test is designed of four subjects, math, science, social studies and language arts. All test are now computer based, and the test will be 7.25 hours long. Each subject has a ceratin amount of time that you can spend on:

 Math – 90 minutes

Science -90 minutes

Social Studies-90 minutes 

Language Arts-150 minutes with a break.

To pass this test the students much reach a score of 150 for each section, and achieve the total score of 600. Theres also an opportunity to receive an Honors score which you will have to receive a score of 170 or higher for each subject. 

How To Study

Now that you know all the basics about the test its time to talk about the best way to study. Your goal for this test should be to pass with an honors score, so that means studying is your key. Before you do the actual studying you will want to take a free ged practice test, this can help you understand what subjects you need to spend more time on. After you take the practice test it will be time to study. To get the best out of your study time you will want to figure other how is the best way for you to learn the information. There are many great ways to study:


  • Flash cards
  • GED study groups 
  • Teachers
  • Youtube videos
  • Books

Which ever way to study  is the best way for you, you will want to really put time into it. I suggest spending two hours minimum a day to really focus on learning. This means all distractions should be put away, this test is your future. Once you have spent plenty of time studying you will want to take the ged practice test again. If theres a subject that you got a low score on, you should spend extra time  studying on that subject until you get a perfect score. Once you have received a perfect score on your ged practice test it will be time to schedule the actual test.

Test Day

On your test day you should be well rested and prepared. You will wat to bring a photo ID with you and a calculator that isnt on your phone. You will not want to bring any notepads, personal items, electronics, and food or drinks. You should also arrive atleast 15 minutes before your test time.


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Float Spa 

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