Why You Should See the Dentist in Orem Every Six Months

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Good oral hygiene is the key to a healthy oral health. This means that you need to be brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing everyday as well as visiting your dentist in orem twice a year or every 6 months.  But if you already take care of your teeth everyday, why do you also need to visit a dentist for teeth cleaning?  Do you really actually need to be going there twice a year? The answer is absolutely! Here are a few great reasons why you need to see your dentist twice a year. 

More Through Teeth Cleaning

Brushing and flossing every day on your own is important for preventing tooth decay and gum disease. Plaque actually form on your teeth everyday and brushing your teeth properly everyday is the only way to actually get rid of plague. If you skip out on brushing your teeth, the bacteria will actually consume the plaque and that can eventually wear down your teeth and destroy your gums. So , during a professional cleaning, your dentist will use dental tools, techniques and products and remove all of the build up plaque and tartar that’s on your teeth. Your dentist will clean your teeth thoroughly as well as keep your smile bright and healthy.

Catch Serious Oral Issues

When you schedule a check up with your dentist, your dentist won’t just do a professional cleaning, they will also take that opportunity to make sure that they can catch any oral issues before it gets serious. This is called an oral examination and during the examination, your dentist will do a dental X-ray to see if there are any issues such as impacted teeth, cavities, root canals or cysts. Dentists will usually do an x-ray every 2 to 5 years, so during your check ups in between, your dentist will still look at your teeth as well as use the old x-ray as a roadmap for what kind of issues he needs to look out for. Exams are a great way to catch any issues before they get worse. This is also called preventive care. For example, seeing your dentist twice a year will mean that you have a way better chance of catching issues or gum disease while it is still reversible. 

Get Cosmetic Dentistry Advice

If you ever wanted to change the way your smile looks, going to a dentist is a great way to receive professional advice on it. You can whiten your teeth at home, but it’s much better to speak with a professional before you spend money on useless expensive products. Your dentist can recommend you products that you can use at home and that are effective. You also have the option of scheduling a teeth whitening appointment at the office which is very effective and gives great results.

Schedule Your Next Appointment 

Dentist in Orem recommend that you get your teeth cleaned twice a year by your professional local dentist. Your dentist can help you protect your smile as well as maintain good oral health. Don’t wait around, call to schedule your next appointment today.