Taking a Loud Pop Voyage in a Park City Taxi

The Loud Pop Voyager Blog would like to poll our readership in order to determine how many of you have employed a Park City taxi for the purposes of taking a Loud Pop Voyage. Now because our readers know exactly what we mean by the phrase “taking a Loud Pop Voyage” there is no need to define it in this blog post. Nor do we feel the need to define it for a newcomer to this blog. It is the philosophy of the Loud Pop Voyager Blog (L. P. V. B.) that it is the responsibility of the newcomer to do his or her homework and figure out what we mean by the terms that we use. In this way they earn their way into our company.

Taking a Loud Pop Voyage in a Shuttle From Salt Lake City to Park City

We are a bit like the Jewish Rabbi when a person of another faith seeks to convert to Judaism. It is said that the Rabbi will refuse a prospective candidate for conversion three times before agreeing to teach them in the ways of the oldest monotheistic faith. This is a test to see if the person seeking conversion is sincere in their desire to convert.

In the same way, or perhaps in the same spirit, we the people of the Loud Pop Voyager Blog take our community very seriously. Accordingly, we expect all those who seek to join our community seriously as well. It is for this (and no other) reason that we expect them to do their research and learn our ways prior to seeking formal admission. This way we know that they are serious in their desire to join our community and that their hearts are pure of motive without reservation or any purpose of evasion.