Make a Right Choice by Considering Valuable Factors of Jeep Top Hoist

Do you own a jeep; you will agree that driving keeping the top off gives a feeling that the summer sun is off and you get to enjoy the breeze. However, there is one hindrance and it is removing a hardtop. Finding a jeep top hoist that fits your needs is also not easy. The Jeep Wrangler’s hardtop is bulky to get off without the help of a few friend’s hands coming to support.

Above all, you do not have the right equipment, such as jeep top hoist. It means you risk to damage the hardtop of the jeep or end up hurting your back.  Here are a few tips for choosing the proper Jeep joist.

There are some considerations to bear in mind as you buy a jeep hoist and without saying the face well-known is purchasing a wrong top, hoist means it can damage your jeep.

The factors worth considering are:


The most important feature is the compatibility with your jeep. There will be slight variations with the size and design of the hardtops. These slight variations are important to be considered as it may cause damage to the top and your jeep.

It is essential to ascertain the compatibility of the product with the exact model. Make it a point to go through the product specification.

Garage Space

The space in your garage is another very important consideration. You must install the hoist. There is a need to understand that the jeep tops should be mounted at the top at the height of 10 feet.

In case your garage space cannot fit, consider your model fit and ensure there is space to store with the hardtop.


Installing a hardtop means you must ask yourself if shopping for a jeep hoist is essential or not. Some units need extensive installation. If you are concerned about the process of installation, you may consider a jeep top hoist model that is portable.

However, if you are good at assembling skills and tools, it will not be challenging to buy a hoist system requiring installation. Some hoists take time to set up around three hours, while a few may take more.

The top-mounted lists have a process for installation to follow. You should follow the instructions to understand if you have an easy time or not setting up the Jeep top hoist.

Weight Capacity

Buying a jeep hoist implies you must know how much weight you will be pulling. The capacity of the weight varies with the hoists. Some manage the maximum capacity of 300 pounds. Thus, it is easier to choose suitable to your needs. Also, do not miss the ceiling height. Check the product specification so that you get to operate effectively. In case the roof is too high, add a rope to reach the hoist height of the ceiling.

Ease of Use

The best hoist features are to adhere to the to-follow instructions and it is easy to operate. Operating by yourself means you should ensure the hoist comes with a one-person operation feature. Otherwise, you may get stuck and the whole process may be a frustrating experience.

Hoist to be Powered

Hoists are powered by using an electric winch or by hand. If you wish to save time, you must opt for a hoist that is electric-powered. It will save you effort and time. All you need to do is to use the remote or press a button. The downside is they are expensive.

On the other hand, the hand-powered hoist is cost-effective but needs more effort. Pulling a rope or even raising or lowering the hoist with a mechanical lift is possible. You also can find budget-friendly mechanical hoists. However, in the long run, there are possibilities of causing injury or damage. Thus, it is a must you ensure the mechanical hoist comes with safety features such as locks to avert further damage.


A hoist is made from materials of high-quality and is likely to withstand the time than those with poor construction. In the selection stage, ensure the hardware is rock solid and is made using quality materials. If so, one can be assured the jeep top hoist unit serves for an extended period.