The Loud Pop Voyage on Le Bus Wendover

We may speak of taking a Loud Pop Voyage aboard Le Bus Wendover in order to arrive safely at your destination of choice. To speak of such a thing requires a special tone of voice. For speaking of this thing is unlike speaking of any other thing that may be spoken of. And all things that may be spoken of each has a unique tone of voice that is associated with the thing of which to be spoken. Accordingly, in order to speak of this particular subject we must first figure out what specific tone of voice goes along with it.

The Tone of Voice Associated With Charter Bus Companies

As mentioned in the first paragraph of this blog post, all subjects when they are spoken of require a specific tone of voice in which to be spoken. The problem is that in order to speak properly about a specific subject the specific corresponding tone of voice must be identified. For if a thing be spoken of in the wrong tone of voice then the message of the thing being spoken of will not be effectively communicated to the person or persons who are in the position to hear said thing being spoken.

It is for this very reason that it is imperative that the correct tone of voice be identified. Unfortunately, this process of proper identification is not so easily accomplished and a proper analysis of this process is most likely beyond the scope of this blog post. However, if we were to provide the reader with a flavor of what is involved we might say that speaker who is attempting to identify the correct tone of voice associated with a specific subject matter must first put himself or herself in the correct mindset of that particular subject matter.

Taking A Drum Pump Along For The Ride

Many of our readers have been asking about how to take Drum Pump along for the ride when engaging in a Loud Pop Voyage. After all, that is what the Loud Pop Voyage Blog was meant to address, n’est pas? To answer this question we must first determine what exactly it means to take this particular piece of equipment “along for the ride.” Does it mean to head out on a road trip with a drum pump in the back seat or trunk area? Does it mean to incorporate the piece of equipment more substantially in the trip itself? For example, some people might take pictures of themselves with a drum pump in front of the Grand Canyon or some such.


For that matter, why not consider taking a Tote Pump along for the ride as well? As far as we know the two pieces of equipment fall under the same family of equipment pieces. That is, they both fall under the “pump” family.  Surely, one can be taken along for the ride just as easily and as practicably as the other. But we still have yet to determine just what is meant by the phrase “taking along for the ride.”

Perhaps this determination can never be made with any sense of surety. Certainly, it becomes less and less likely as this final paragraph reaches its terminal word count requirement. Let me ask you this (gentle reader), are you comfortable with living out your life having not made this determination? Can you go about your daily tasks knowing that this key question remains unanswered and probably will remain unanswered perhaps forever? Well, if you are comfortable with this scenario then perhaps (quite paradoxically) you have already answered the question for yourself. Think about it.

Take The Wendover Fun Bus in 2018

Riders on board the Wendover Fun Bus make use of numerous comfortable amenities whilst they go from point A to point B with us. One of the most comfortable of these amenities include reclining seats. This luxurious amenity is a key component to the comfort of the rider because quite simply a seat that has the ability to recline is much more comfortable than a seat that does not have the ability to recline. Moreover, each of these reclining seats boasts its very own, individual seat belt. Not only is an individual seat belt more comfortable for the rider but it also vastly improves the safety of the experience as well.


Extra leg room is a very important component to a comfortable transportation experience. We all have experienced a modern (post 9/11) airline travel experience and we all know that extra leg room is in very short supply. Moreover, a chartered bus experience boasts a very clean, on board restroom as well as a top of the line stereo musical entertainment system. All of these amenities make for an extremely comfortable, safe and convenient ridership experience especially when compared to other modes of transportation such as an airline.

Let us face the facts. We all have to travel from one place to another every now and then. Now we all are very well aware that life on this earth is very short indeed. Given these undeniable facts we must accept the reality that there really is no good argument to be made that any transportation option should be unsafe, inconvenient or (God forbid) uncomfortable. Usually the best experience is achieved once the transportation reaches its intended destination. Imagine how great life would be if the time spent during the transportation was enjoyable as well.



Travel Agencies in Utah Book Trips to Europe

Travel agencies in Utah can book a great trip to Europe. The following are a list of must see locations in four European capitals to see when you are there:

Rome, Italy

  1. The Colosseum – The Roman Colosseum is the largest amphitheater ever built. It was constructed between the years 72 AD and 80 AD by the Roman emperors Vespasian and Titus. It is estimated the Colosseum could hold between 50,000 and  80,000 people.
  2. The Vatican – Vatican City is the home of the Roman Catholic Pope and the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church. Notable locations in Vatican City include St. Peter’s Basilica, the Apostolic Palace and St. Peter’s Square.

Paris, France

  1. The Louvre – The Louvre is the largest art museum in the world. The building was originally the residence of French Kings and currently holds many famous works of art including the Mona Lisa.
  2. Versailles – Versailles Palace located outside of Paris was the residence of French Kings built originally by King Louis XIV. It was built in order to remove the French monarchy from the pressures associated with the mob and aristocracy in Paris.

London, England

  1. Buckingham Palace – Buckingham Palace is the current residence of the monarchy for the United Kingdom. It has held this distinction since the reign of Queen Victoria in 1837.
  2. Big Ben – Big Ben is a famous clock tower in the center of London connected to the Palace of Westminster which is the home of the Houses of the Parliament of the United Kingdom.

Berlin, Germany

  1. The Brandenburg Gate – The Brandenburg Gate is a monument built in the neo-classical style. It was built by King Fredrick William II in the 1730s.
  2. The Reichstag – The Reichstag Building is the current and former home of the German Parliament.

These are but a few sights to see when travel agencies in Utah book you a trip to Europe.

Visit the Cities of the Byzantine Empire with Utah Travel Agencies

Byzantine history buffs looking to visit the cities that made up that ancient world need only visit one of many qualified Utah travel agencies to arrange this exotic voyage. For those of you who are not familiar with the Byzantine Empire, essentially this is a name given to the Eastern Roman Empire that survived after the fall of the Western Roman Empire in 476 AD. The land comprising this political unit changed over the years. At its height it contained all the lands east of Italy all the way to Syria and Iraq as well as the eastern half of North Africa. This also included the Mediterranean islands of Crete, Cyprus, Rhodes, Malta and Sicily.


The first city on any list of Byzantine cities is Constantinople. This city was the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire from its founding by the emperor Constantine the Great in 330 AD lasting until the year 1453 AD when it was taken by the Ottoman Turks. Today the city is known as Istanbul and is the largest city in Turkey the modern successor to the Ottoman Empire. This city still contains many examples of Byzantine architecture including the Hagia Sofia Basilica built by the Emperor Justinian in the mid 500s AD.

Because the lands encompassing the Byzantine Empire were so vast there are many cities that one could visit within this sprawling realm. Perhaps the best example of Byzantine architecture in Italy can be found in the city of Venice. Both St. Mark’s Cathedral and the Palace of the Doges contain beautiful Byzantine flourishes. In Greece the city of Thessaloniki was for a long time the second city of the Empire as it shrank in size. The city of Antioch on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea (modern day Antakya in Turkey) was also a major city of the Empire. Even the famous cities of Jerusalem and Alexandria, Egypt were major cities of the empire during different periods.