Give Importance to Maintenance of Garage Doors Salt Lake City to Last Longer

Types of Garage Door Openers

The manufacturer’s warranties with garage doors Salt Lake City vary. It is because the manufacturer covers for three years their products. The garage doors longevity estimate relies on the usage, though it is believed that any garage door on an average should last 15-30 years. It depends on local climate conditions, maintenance, and construction quality. The automatic garage doors give reliable service for 10-15 years.

The garage doors important components for assembly is the spring mechanism that includes the tension springs and torsion springs. A standard spring of the Salt Lake City garage door has 20,000 cycles life, while the tension springs last for 5000 to 10000 cycles. It is a one-time closing and opening that represents a cycle. Obviously, the more you use the garage door, the sooner will the springs breaks down.

The life expectancy of springs with daily use:

  • Daily 2 times, will come for 14 years.
  • Daily 4 times, will come for 7 years
  • Daily 6 times, will come for 5 years
  • Daily 8 times will come for 3 years.

Garage Door Maintenance

The garage doors Salt Lake City natural lifecycle and the related components enjoy extended life on following simple maintenance program annually. A well-maintained garage door lasts longer and needs fewer repairs. The garage door installers offer regular maintenance services when garage door operation is difficult.

The longevity of garage doors includes regular lubricating of parts and cleaning. The garage door requires semi-annual cleaning with water and mild detergent mixture. The steel doors should receive wax application so that it has resistance to severe weather effects. The wooden doors repainting is a must with the peeling or chipping first sign to last longer.

Salt Lake City garage door sensors have a big part in operation and safety. Keep the area cobweb-free around the sensor. You can do this by cleaning it with a dry cloth regularly. Also apply lubricant to hinges, door springs, and rollers as a light coat.